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Brazilian Hair Bundle Deals and Why Many Women Love Brazilian Straight

Autumn is in full swing, and fashion insiders who noticed a marked shift toward individuality on runways earlier this year expect to see all sorts of haircuts and styles this season. One particular hair trend that will never go out of style, however, is long and luxurious straight hair. When it comes to hair extensions, […]

Curly Brazilian Hair Extensions: Three A-List Tips to Combat Dryness

Lately, women have been opting out of pin straight hair in favor of a full head of curls. Many women who want to rock the A-list style seen on celebrities like Tracy Ellis, Jada Pinkett-Smith and Solange Knowles are raving about curly Brazilian hair extensions. Curly weaves from suppliers such as Her Hair Company, in […]

Look Great: Use Brazilian Hair Extensions to Copy Celebrity Hairstyles

Celebrities are the world’s arbiters of “cool”, and having a hairstyle that one of them has is a sure way to turn people’s heads. The trouble with that is sometimes a woman doesn’t have the kind of hair that could pull off these hairstyles. Thankfully, companies like Her Hair Company can help with that. Hair […]

The Best and Most Versatile Brazilian Hair Extensions for Styling

Looking for the best Brazilian Hair extensions for your styling needs? Her Hair Company has exactly what you’re looking for. Our hair extensions are of virgin quality, which means they have not gone through any sort of chemical processing like perming, bleaching, or dyeing. They’re cut directly from the donor’s hair and are combed carefully […]

Hairstyles to Try with Straight Brazilian Hair Bundle Deals for Summer

With summer comes countless money-saving sales on many beauty products including your favorite go-to straight hair extensions that sell by bundles of 4’s and 3’s. There are many different hairstyles you can try when you buy affordable straight Brazilian hair bundle deals from companies like Her Hair Company this summer. Why don’t you take inspiration […]

Quality Brazilian Virgin Hair Extensions: How to Find the Real Deal?

Hair extensions are a fab way for women to style their tresses without having to cut their hair. A hair extension is the well-kept secret of many celebrities when you see them able to sport short and long hair in the same week. They’re quite in demand among non-celebrity women too, with extensions that are […]

Why Wear Brazilian Hair Extensions While Growing Your Natural Hair

Black women may have long felt the pressure to fit in society’s dubious standards for beautiful hair: straight, soft, and neatly tamed—none of which generally meet their natural ‘fro. That’s why many have had their hair relaxed, blown out in soft waves, and colored to blend in. But the Afro, in particular, is making a […]