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How to Care for Virgin Hair – Enjoying Healthy Extensions This Fall

With fall come list new hair regimen must-haves. If you want to grow your natural hair more healthily without missing the season’s trendy style, why not give it a break and wear our virgin hair weaves for the mean time? It’s fuller, smoother, and bouncier than other types of hair and it can remain vibrant for long even when dyed or heat-styled. Virgin hair of Remy quality, like Brazilian hair, is simply considered the best in the market.

Her Hair Company’s virgin Brazilian hair is totally unprocessed, meaning it doesn’t have the overly silky texture and excessive sheen found in hair from regular beauty stores. Being Remy hair, it has natural level of softness and luster.

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The Best and Most Versatile Brazilian Hair Extensions for Styling

Looking for the best Brazilian Hair extensions for your styling needs? Her Hair Company has exactly what you’re looking for. Our hair extensions are of virgin quality, which means they have not gone through any sort of chemical processing like perming, bleaching, or dyeing. They’re cut directly from the donor’s hair and are combed carefully from tips to roots to ensure that the cuticles remain intact and aligned in a single direction, thus preventing frizzing and tangling. We always keep in touch with our supply team to see that hair quality is never compromised.

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Best Hair Extensions Care Tips for Bright-Colored Curls and Waves

Say goodbye to boring, straight, black hair and make way for the colored curly and wavy hair extensions for fun under the warm summer sun. This year, your favorite hairstyle gurus are busting out their trusty curling irons for the perfect summer look and it’s time you follow the trend. If you’re going try your hand at coloring, however, you’d do well to take care of your hair extensions so they’ll last long. These are some of the best hair extensions care tips to help you get the most out of your hair investment.

Go for Virgin Hair
Don’t get caught up in planning your hair color just yet, go get quality hair extensions first. Virgin Brazilian hair is the best kind to get since they have never been chemically treated, which is better if you’re going to color them anyway.

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Hairstyles to Try with Straight Brazilian Hair Bundle Deals for Summer

With summer comes countless money-saving sales on many beauty products including your favorite go-to straight hair extensions that sell by bundles of 4’s and 3’s. There are many different hairstyles you can try when you buy affordable straight Brazilian hair bundle deals from companies like Her Hair Company this summer. Why don’t you take inspiration from the hottest Hollywood stars? Here are some red carpet worthy hairstyles to rock with your hair extensions.

Naturally Straight
What’s the point of buying hair extensions if you’re not going to wear it straight at least once? Steal the natural straight and sleek look from Jessica White or YouTube hair guru China Renee by using your trusty flat iron to straighten your hair carefully and let it naturally weigh down. Make sure to get ironing right down to the roots to emphasize the sleek silky appearance of your hair.

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Quality Brazilian Virgin Hair Extensions: How to Find the Real Deal?

Hair extensions are a fab way for women to style their tresses without having to cut their hair. A hair extension is the well-kept secret of many celebrities when you see them able to sport short and long hair in the same week. They’re quite in demand among non-celebrity women too, with extensions that are wearable for everyday use, not only for special occasions. Because of the popularity of hair extensions, hair technology has kept up and hair styling salons have thrived offering a diverse variety of hair, including virgin Brazilian hair for sale. Virgin Brazilian hair is one of the best and widely sought-after extensions available today.

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Why Wear Brazilian Hair Extensions While Growing Your Natural Hair

Black women may have long felt the pressure to fit in society’s dubious standards for beautiful hair: straight, soft, and neatly tamed—none of which generally meet their natural ‘fro. That’s why many have had their hair relaxed, blown out in soft waves, and colored to blend in. But the Afro, in particular, is making a comeback in Paris runways and the red carpet, sported by award-winning celebrities like Lupita Nyong’o.

More and more naturalist icons are encouraging their fellow black women to be proud of their authentic look. Interestingly, as a New York-based celebrity stylist notes, many black women are joining the naturalist bandwagon not because it’s a trendy fashion statement, but simply because their hair could no longer withstand the chemicals and heat that attend straightening.

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Brazilian Hair Extensions: Making the Right Choice before the Wedding

The wedding day, for women, is an important occasion that should be remembered with their best appearance. Besides diverse wedding dress options to choose from, wedding-day hairstyles also define the success of their overall bridal look. Many brides style their hair with the original lengths and still look stunning, while others opt for hair enhancements to do the work.

The most popular type of hair extensions among brides is the clip-ins for its easy attachment and removal, without any required maintenance. Another type suitable for brief use is the tape-ins, with double-sided adhesives used to attach them to your natural hair. For safety and effectiveness, fused or bonded products are the finest choice, with keratin-doused weaves combined with your locks for long-lasting usage.