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The Importance of a Good Lace Closure

Wearing wigs, Brazilian weaves, and hair extensions has become an accepted practice to maintain one’s image in this day and age. Though acceptance has come fairly recently, the practice of using weaves has a long, rich history that can be traced back to Ancient Egypt. What was once a luxury only pharaohs and the nobility enjoy is now an option available to everyone who wants to effect a change on his or her hairstyle.

Using weaves, however, can result in damage to your own hair. Damage mostly occurs at the area where the top part of the wig is attached. This is why using a good lace closure—a hair piece only a few inches long used to cover gaps between actual and faux hair—is important as it also prevents hair damage.

Wearing a closure helps ensure that all your hair are protected. This also helps avoid differences in hair texture and color blending, which usually make it noticeable to people that someone is wearing a wig or using an extension. Closures can be the solution people are looking for to improve their appearance, particularly those who are experiencing hair loss due to aging.

With wigs, weaves, and extensions making waves in women’s hair and lifestyle trends, having a good lace closure helps achieve a better look without sacrificing the health of your natural hair.


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