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Treat Virgin Brazilian Hair Extensions with Care

While it is true that virgin Brazilian hair extensions are durable and easy to maintain, they aren’t completely impervious to damage. One thing you may not know about these products is that they can actually shed, although it will take a lot of stress to make this happen. Their unmatched durability, however, should be enough to assure you that Brazilian hair extensions make great investments, especially if you know how to take good care of them.


First, you need to avoid washing your extensions with shampoo, because the ingredients in shampoo can damage virgin hair as much as your own hair. Use conditioners instead if your intention is to maintain the luster and fullness of the extensions. Second, you need to keep your curling, ironing, and styling to a minimum, even when these are done by professional hair stylists. As with any hair extensions, too much heat can shorten their lifespans. Lastly, avoid touching or playing with your hair after the extensions are installed. The unconscious tugging or yanking that you do can cause them to shed.


It will also help to be very familiar with the texture of your own hair, as this will give you an idea on the type of hair extensions to buy. Brazilian hair extensions work best if your natural hair is rather thick or coarse, instead of fine and smooth.


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