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Do You Have an Oblong Face? Wavy Hair Extensions May Work Best on You

Miniscule variations in hair length, nose height, and the like are what make humans completely different from one another. Rather than dismiss this fact as fancy trivia, Boldsky writer Deepa Ranganathan says that women can use it to help them make fashion decisions. For instance, women who have a long or oblong face can wear wavy hair better than others, either with bangs or as a simple step cut hairstyle.

While these styles work best for those with medium-length hair, short-haired women can have a quick fix by wearing wavy hair extensions from the likes of Her Hair Company. Medium-length hair with bangs works better because they tend to make the face look smaller and cuter. Of course, that assumes that the woman really knows the shape of her face to begin with. For those who don’t, taking some measurements of the face can help.


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