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Common Ways You Damage Your Hair

Many women aspire to have long and beautiful hair, which is why you use all these hair care products in the first place. However, some of your hair habits actually contributes to the hair problems you are trying to avoid:


Hot Styling Tools

Using styling tools that depend on heat can cause hair to become brittle, which can lead to split ends. Avoid using blow dryers and curling/straightening irons frequently. If you must use these tools, place it at the lowest effective setting, or apply heat protection to your hair before using it.


Over Brushing

The old adage of “brush your hair 100 times every night” is actually wrong. Over brushing causes the brush to damage the cuticles of your hair. Your hair is delicate, so brush it gently.



Bleaching chemicals destroy your hair from the inside out, changing its structure. The problem also becomes worse if you also do the other things mentioned above, or if you tire of your light hair and have it dyed.


Fortunately, the damage these habits do to your hair can be reversed by giving your hair time to rest. Start from scratch with your healthy hair and ask a stylist to remove the damaged sections. If sporting short hair isn’t for you, you can purchase hair extensions to help keep your hair long and beautiful until your natural hair has recovered from the damage.


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