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Picking the Right Closure for a Natural Look

You’ve just gotten your extensions, and you look pretty good in them. However, as you looked closely into the mirror, you noticed something which may cause a bit of trouble: the transition between your hairline and your extensions are too obvious! Most of the time, the awkward line is too glaring that it might be recognized easily by someone who’s got a sharp eye, even from afar.

What do you do? You can either use makeup to conceal it, or use the best-fitting closure to hide it. Closures refer to the elliptical lace where hair is attached. It can be strategically placed on the top or side of your hair in order to make the weave look natural.

Before choosing a closure for yourself, always remember that not all of them are made equally. Lace or silk-based closures are more preferred since they are lighter and more breathable – plus, they create a perfect illusion of the hair growing right out of the scalp. Also consider the color of the closure. It is best to match it to the color of the thin skin on your scalp, otherwise they might sport an awkward two-tone hue that’s everything but pretty. Who would want that, right?

Closure prices range from $46 to $150, so they’re not really going to bore a hole in your pocket. And if you’re not really sure on how to apply them correctly, consult a professional to do it for you.


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