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How to Make Your Lace Closure Look Natural

Women who wish to protect their natural hair from further damage due to constant hairstyling can choose to wear a weave or hair lace closure. This hairpiece provides a smoother and silkier set of hair and comes in a variety of textures and colors to meet the wearer’s specific needs. If you’re in a similar situation, here are some simple tips you can follow to make your experience with hair lace closures easy and worthwhile.


Unlike a silk closure, a lace closure is made of fabric knots where the weave and the real hair can be sewn. A common concern is that the knots can still be seen along the parting, which can make the weave look unnatural. That’s something you don’t want other to see, or else it might defeat the purpose of wearing a weave altogether.


Fortunately, there are ways to conceal those knots to showcase a natural-looking scalp along the parting. For instance, the knots can be tinted to achieve such an effect. Some soak hair lace closures in tea for around 10 minutes so that the knots gain a darker tint before being rinsed to eliminate tea residues.


Applying cream that mimics the color of the scalp is another effective solution, although this may not always be good for the hair underneath. Choose whichever technique you find effective and allow your hair lace closure to give you the style boost and protection you need.


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