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Choosing the Perfect Weave

Hair weaves are the perfect solution for women who want longer hair instantly or those who want to experiment with a new look without committing to it for too long. Of course, weaves come in a variety of price ranges, styles and quality, so choosing the perfect one is often a challenge for women. To help you get a natural looking and high-quality weave, below are a few tips to keep in mind:

Don’t Scrimp

When it comes to hair weaves, you really get what you pay for. While you can purchase cheaper synthetic weaves, the artificial hair that comprise it looks less like a weave and more like a wig. Go for authentic human hair weaves for the most natural look and feel.

Be Mindful of Hair Texture

Human hair weaves are sourced from women around the world, so they naturally have different textures. When choosing your weave, choose the variant that most closely resembles the natural texture of your hair. One good option is Brazilian hair since it is considered an in-between hair type—it’s not too thick or too coarse, allowing it to blend in with more hair types.


Style it Properly

Now that you have the perfect weave sewn in, don’t forget to have it styled properly so it flatters your face shape and head size. As such, find a stylist who specializes in cutting weave hair so you can get the best look possible.


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