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Quick Tips to Choosing a Black Hair Weave

When it comes to choosing a hair weave to go along with your natural black hair, many women know that the key is getting it to match the color and consistency of your natural hair so that it doesn’t end up looking forced. However, there are a few more things you should know when it comes to buying the perfect weave for you.

Choose virgin hair

Virgin hair essentially means that it came from a single donor, and that it never underwent coloring, perms, bleaching or any other forms of chemical processing. Getting virgin hair extensions or weaves assures you that what you’ll be wearing isn’t worn down or about to break just yet, thus providing you with wider styling options.

Choose the right type

Brazilian hair is known to be of medium density (much thicker than Indian hair, for one), allowing you to have a full-bodied look without needing too many bundles. European hair, on the other hand, are generally more sleek and straight than Brazilian hair, and are much lighter. Choose the right type of hair weave that best suits your style.

On length and quantity

The amount of hair weave you should buy should directly depend on how long you want it to be. Longer hair is generally thinner than naturally shorter ones, so the longer you want to go, the more hair you should get.


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