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Types of Hair Extension Installation

A lot women understand the feeling of liberty a short bob can provide. These women also understand the sheer beauty of smooth, free flowing hair. These women all understand how the process of having to choose between a short do and a long one is a difficult burden to carry.

Fortunately, hair extensions make it possible for every woman to have both styles at once. These extensions also have different methods of application, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Cold Fusion

This type of hair extension is applied strand by strand. The ends of these strands are tipped with keratin that are melted with ultrasonic waves and are bonded with small sections of the hair. This type is the safest of all extension materials, but is also the costliest of all available methods.

Taped Extensions

This is one of the hair extension types installed by wefts, a track full of hair. Hair is held together by double sided transparent tape and is applied to the scalp. While this method has a faster installation time in comparison to cold fusion, it stresses hair more than strand-by-strand types of application.

Clip Ons

This is the most temporary hair extension available on the market. This is installed on a day-to-day basis, which can become unbearable for people who don’t want to constantly attach their extensions.


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