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Keeping the Lace Closure in Top Shape

In the realm of hair extension sets, the Brazilian lace closure is one of the top-caliber products to have in your collection. They are sourced from Brazilian women certified to have healthy manes. Installing a closure set can enhance your natural appearance to a degree, but maintaining their full form requires dedication.

In receiving your closures, trim away some excessive lace found at certain sections of the closure. If you are wearing the closure for the first time, have a friend trim the excess as much as possible but be careful not to slice into the extensions themselves. Wash your hair first to prepare it for the glue.

When you remove and stash away your closures, wash them with a dash of special wig shampoo and prepare a clean basin with water. After rinsing, apply a wig conditioner to help the closures retain texture and form. You can’t use regular hair care products on the closures lest they tangle up in the process. Leave the closure in the water for at least five minutes then dispose of the water. Lay out the closure to dry in a secure place, away from sunlight.

Investing in quality lace closures is a good choice to improve your appearance. Taking care of them will stretch that investment.


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