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Safe Styling Products for Virgin Hair

Hair extensions are becoming more popular among people who want to sport a variety of hair styles without damaging their natural hair. As such, regular maintenance is needed for extensions to be maximized and enjoyed. Although virgin hair extensions are from human donors, not all styling products can be applied on them.

Conditioners are must-haves in maintaining virgin hair. In fact, the frequently encountered term “co-wash” means using a conditioner to clean and moisturize hair extensions. It is advisable to use organic or specially formulated conditioners for hair extensions at least once a week. Watch out for sulfates, alcohols, and formaldehyde in the ingredient list. Do not use any product with those harsh chemicals so extensions would not dry out fast. For thorough cleaning, shampoos intended for extensions can be used, too.

Natural oils and hair serums can be used to tame unmanageable tresses or add luster to strands. Experts recommend Jojoba oil, Moroccan or Argon oil, almond essences, and virgin coconut oil. Apply up to a maximum of dime-sized quantities only (or as instructed by the manufacturer) to avoid greasy finishes.

Other commercial styling products are safe and even necessary for virgin hair extensions. For instance, weft sealers are applied for longer-lasting extensions, especially for Remy hair. Heat-protective treatments should be used before curling or ironing. Setting hair sprays can also be used, as long as they are labeled safe or specialized for hair extensions.


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