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Caring for Your Brazilian Hair Weave

There are plenty of Remy hair weaves out there, but many women favor one type in particular—Brazilian hair. That’s because Brazilian hair is considered an in-between type, meaning it has just the right thickness and texture which allows it to blend in with most women’s hair easily. Furthermore, this type of weave lasts much longer than those made from synthetic hair, making it a wise beauty investment.

That being said, proper maintenance is required to ensure that your Brazilian hair weave remains beautiful for as long as possible. To keep it looking stylish and fresh, below are a few upkeep tips:

Detangle First

Never wash your hair without removing the tangles first. Use a wide-tooth brush to gently comb out the tangles; always start from the bottom up, and only do small sections at a time.

Shampoo Only Once a Week

Shampoo is a crucial part of most women’s hair care regimen, but the stuff can dry out your hair weave. Cut down on shampoo and favor conditioner instead since it rehydrates both natural and weaved hair.

Careful with Heat

Brazilian hair can be styled any way you want, but the more heat you apply to it, the shorter the extensions’ lifespan will be. As such, use only moderate heat and apply a heat protector spray before styling the weave.


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