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Straight or Curly? A Big Consideration for Hair Bundles

Beauty experts say that a woman’s hair is one of her most important assets. Men seem to agree with that, since a woman’s hair gives them an idea of her personality and traits. However, the “power” that her hair can give can be influenced by adding hair decorations or extensions. When it comes to the latter, straight or curly hair can have positive or negative effects, depending on certain factors.

Straight hair usually evokes an air of coolness and professionalism, and women who have them tend to come off as emotionally-mature and in control of things – traits that a lot of men find attractive. It is also more natural-looking to some people, which brings them at ease whenever they talk to girls with straight hair. On the other hand, straight hair is difficult to maintain and can get tangled into knots fairly easily, with as little as a light breeze blowing by.

Curly hair, meanwhile, tends to pair well with a friendly and outgoing personality, and some men even find it sexy. Curly hair also evokes confidence and a free-spirit, probably as an antithesis to straight hair’s conformist and natural look. Unfortunately, having curly hair that doesn’t look messy is quite difficult to pull off, considering the number of brushes and curls needed. Even wearing curly hair extensions may need a hair dresser’s helping hand so that it would look seamless and fluid.


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