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Going from Curly to Straight: What to Keep in Mind

Blondes are said to have more fun than brunettes or redheads. However, what do people say about curly-haired girls vs. straight-haired girls? Some women will probably say that it is all a matter of preference, but those with curls may say their hair is harder to manage than sleek, straight hair because it tends to become frizzy.

Fortunately, women who desire straight hair can opt for hair straightening methods, like the trendy Brazilian blowout. There’s also the Brazilian Keratin treatment, but women should prepare to have their hair retouched every three or four months.

Meanwhile, at-home relaxer kits are also available for women who no longer want to resemble Curly Sue. With this option though, hair tends to become brittle and prone to breakage; extreme damage may force some women to chop off their locks. You might as well just go to a professional salon to have this done on your hair. There’s no need to put your hair at risk, after all, only to save up on a few couple of bucks.

Women who aspire a straightening method with longer-lasting effects than the typical treatments can opt for Brazilian straight hair extensions. These extensions are made from real human hair and thus are natural. These hair extension products can be styled in any way a woman prefers.


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