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Wear Some Hair: Hair Extension Information

It used to be that “hairpiece” typically referred to wigs worn by those devoid of proper hair. Today, the term also refers to the weaves worn by women to accentuate or add to their existing hair. These hair extensions aren’t about concealing. Instead, they’re all about adding even more, and they’re extremely fashionable to boot.

There are two types of hair extensions; those made from real human hair and those woven from synthetic fibers. Of the two, human hair is the most coveted due to its natural look and feel. Not only do human hair extensions look organic, they’re also very durable. It helps that extensions woven from real hair can be dyed, cut, and styled much like the hairs growing on a user’s head.

Extensions can be attached through two ways: either they’re “glued” to the head of a user, or they’re ingeniously clipped to the user’s hair. Obviously, the first option is suited for long-term wear, and users can treat the extensions as if it were their own. Meanwhile, the clipped variety allows for interchangeability, and easier storage for the hairpieces when not in use.

Whichever type women prefer to use as hair extensions, they can always be assured of a product that will surely enhance their appearances.


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