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More Hair Won’t Hurt: Pros of Human Hair Extensions

Good hair shouldn’t be a privilege. Hair is the head’s crowning glory, and everyone deserves to have a nice crown. With today’s technology, one has the option to change crowns and redesign it at a whim. In hair language, that means installing hair extensions.

Hair extensions are all the rage but recently, human hair extensions are gathering a loyal fan base. The Remy hair, for instance, is stirring a new wave of faithfuls to the extension direction. It is deemed as human hair of the finest quality; the hair cuticles are intact, making it less prone to tangling and damaged ends.

Its quality justifies its numerous benefits. Firstly, the fact that Remy is made out of authentic human hair contributes to its natural-looking sheen. Its authenticity also makes it easily subjected to professional treatment.

Having authentic human hair also means having extensions that carry as much versatility as natural hair. Remy hair can withstand a good number of procedures and dyeing jobs for the weave experimentalists.

Yet what’s truly outstanding with this type of hair extension is its longer lifespan. Compared to non-synthetic hair, human hair extensions are stronger due to its initial natural state. Its naturalness mimics the strength of your natural hair, which means it can unbelievably survive the four seasons.


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