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The Lace Closure Guarantee: “Weave” Got It Covered

The climate can become hair’s worst enemy. It can take many forms; in the summer, the sun’s biting rays can break protein in your hair. The winds of winter are more merciless as it tangles hair, roughens its cuticles, and robs it of its moisture. Humidity too, can cause swelling due to excessive water absorption that happens in hair-air exchange.

Here’s where technology deserves a good ‘hurray’ – in the invention of weaves. These second hairs are not only veil climate-damaged natural hair, but also give natural hair the rest it needs from natural exposure and styling.

However, ‘installing’ weaves may cause few troubles like exposing the binding by making the “u-part” visible, and increasing stress on your hair by leaving it out of the weave. Here’s where another ‘hurray’ comes well-deserved – the lace closure.

The lace closure is a great weave alternative where hair is attached to a piece of lace that covers a cornrow base of your natural hair underneath. Closures may come in different colors from naturally straight black Remy to chemically lightened Afro-curly. Not only do these closures hide your hair, but it can also give off the appearance of a natural scalp. It’s low-maintenance for something that provides high hair defense.

If you think that can’t get any better, hairpiece companies have come out with a brazilian lace closure. Better hair days soon? Check.


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