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Don’t Wait For It To Grow, Get a Hair Weave

Long hair is seen as a beauty asset by many people. However, women who have chopped off their locks will find that growing their hair into the desired length will take a long time. Women who do not have the patience to wait that long can opt for hair weaves instead.

With a weave, your locks are braided into corn rows first, then extensions are sewn into them to achieve a natural look. Sewn-in weaves are excellent attachments as they allow you to style your hair without doing extensive damage to your natural hair. High-quality weaves can also be made to look like your natural hair, making it hard for people to tell the difference.

To cover the exposed corn rows at the top of your head, stylists use lace closures—hairpieces made of lace with hair extensions threaded and knotted into them. The knots are bleached to imitate the appearance of your natural scalp. Afterward, you can part your hair without people knowing you’re wearing a weave.

Of course, this natural look can only be achieved if you get a high-quality lace closure. As such, look for retailers who use virgin Remy hair closure. Remy hair is believed to be the best hair for weaves and extensions on the market.


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