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How To Know If Your Hair is Virgin

For those women who desire voluminous and lustrous hair, virgin hair extensions can be a good option. Distributors of such products do their best to keep the hair in its original state and maintain its aesthetic qualities. However, be warned that there are numerous knock-offs of virgin hair out in the market. Fortunately, there are ways to tell the difference.

What is Virgin Hair?

First of all, for a bundle to be called virgin hair, it should have no other components than 100 percent human hair. This type of hair should also not be colored or dyed. In addition, all the cuticle layers of virgin hair should remain intact and have the same direction.

Identifying Chemicals

Virgin hair also shouldn’t have been chemically treated in any way before or after it has left its donor. You can tell if hair has chemicals simply by using your nose. If it smells a lot different from your natural hair (excluding shampoo or conditioner smell), it is likely that it isn’t virgin.


You should also know that most virgin hair sold in salons are dark, like Brazilian virgin hair extensions. Moreover, if the hair selection have hair sets that have the exact same color, make sure that it hasn’t been treated.

Remember that there are strict standards to be complied with before a strand or bundle can be called virgin hair. Make sure that your salon or distributor can tell the difference as you should as well.


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