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Caring for Brazilian Body Waves

There are many hairstyles that look perfect for the extensions you’re interested in, especially when it’s a quality Brazilian body wave. As the name goes, the extensions are naturally fashioned with curls and crests, like real waves. If going straight (hair-wise) has not quite worked out for you, you can give virgin body waves a shot. Part of the challenge of keeping the “crests” going is to learn how to take care of them.

If a Brazilian body wave happens to look really good on you, you’d possibly want to keep them on while you sleep. However, it is not advisable to sleep with the extensions scattered about. Experts suggest tucking them under a satin or silk bonnet. Before donning the bonnet, groom your hair by using a wide brush or a special wig brush to free tangles. You can also use flexi rods to keep the curves on without an iron, then remove them in the morning.

Certain hair care products can preserve the integrity of the body wave. However, some hair professionals recommend only those that are gentle to regular hair. Oil sheens are to be avoided, but a mixture of conditioner, water and hair setting lotion, which should be applied daily, will help in the maintenance.


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