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Keeping Things on the Straight Course

Brazilian straight hair extensions are every bit exceptional in adding volume to your hair. Given your viability for extensions, adding straight locks to your hair somehow gives a feeling of mystery of the kind you see in certain shampoo ads, where the model sports long straight manes. However, the maintenance is part of the challenge and in the case of straight hair, you never know if that flowing mane suddenly has some split ends.

Shampooing the hair and the extensions requires some fine-tune work. For instance, you will need to massage the entire scalp with your fingertips with a modest lathering of shampoo. This will help shed as much debris as possible. Once you are done, proceed with applying conditioner to the hair, then comb and rinse off the conditioner. The comb should help prevent potential tangles.

However, not every popular shampoo and conditioner product may have the same effect on your extensions. Your stylist may educate you on the types of chemicals each product has that will damage the extensions. Alcohol-based products should be given a wide berth because they can dry up the hair, while products with sulfates will render sheer damage.

Nobody wants to see their quality straight extensions shrivel. Proper maintenance will help keep them on the dot.


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