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Tips on Wearing the Best Human Hair Extensions

It’s not the style or brand of hair extensions that make you beautiful; it’s how you wear them. Even if you put on the most stylish, high-quality remy hair extensions that money can buy, they still wouldn’t look good if they don’t match your hair’s natural color, texture, and luster. The best way to achieve optimum results is to seek advice from a reputable hair stylist.

Professional expertise is also important because you need to have your extension styled and weaved into your hair, not just “put on”. If you’re planning on wearing your extensions on a long term basis, you should also consider making a few lifestyle changes.

For example, try to rest your head on a silky pillow or cushion every time you lie down because even the best human hair extensions can get damaged due to breakage and dryness. Similarly, you should also minimize the amount of heat and/or sunlight that your hair is exposed to daily. Be careful about your choice of shampoos as well for this very reason.

Finally, inspect your hair extensions every now and then. If you feel that the weave is too tight, go back to your stylist to have it fixed. Failing to do so may result in long-term damage which can cause your hair extensions to fall out.


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