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Maintain Your Mane: Hair Extension Care Tips

Hair extensions offer fast and stylish ways to revamp existing hairstyles. These add-ons, which are beloved by women all over the world, are made either from synthetic strands or real hair and look absolutely gorgeous when fitted properly. Yet since hair extensions are also rather delicate pieces, they do require careful handling to maintain their beauty and durability.

Like real hair, extensions need to be kept clean. Lathering the extensions in shampoo does the trick most of the time; in fact, users can wash extensions even if they’re not attached to real hair. Thorough cleaning is crucial, though, as dirt particles that cling to individual strands can cause tangles and further damage.

After washing, hair extensions should be allowed to dry then stored away from direct sunlight. Leaving even a single trace of moisture can attract mold and mildew, thereby ruining the hairpiece and causing foul odors. Sunlight can also ruin a hair extension’s coloring, whether it’s a natural or synthetic piece, so users should keep their pieces safely on a shelf or drawer. Regardless whether they are all-natural or synthetic, hair extensions deserve proper care and cleaning like real hair so they can retain their beauty and form for much longer.


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