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Worry-Free Hair Extensions Using Weave Closures

For women that frequently use hair extensions or wear weaves, one of the biggest challenges is making the natural hair that is left showing blend with the hair extensions. More often than not, they are able to produce a successful match, but not without extensively exposing their natural hair to things such as chemical relaxants and extensive amounts of heat to help it blend better. In the long run, this could lead to permanent damage of a good portion of the natural hair that they work so hard to preserve and protect by using the weave.

To better protect real hair, expert stylists recommend women use a silk or lace closure whenever they choose to use extensions. These closures ensure that all of the natural hair is protected, and the wearer does not have to worry about any of it being left out and needing to be heated, dyed, or relaxed to match the weave. As they cover up all of the real hair, it is allowed to grow and flourish underneath while the wearer enjoys the different style options that hair extensions provide them.

While some may be reluctant to use closures as it may look unnatural, they simply have to find the type that best suits their scalp/skin color and a provider that can help them with applying it properly.


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