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Caring for your Brazilian Body Wave

Among the various types of hair weaves, one of the most sought after these days is the Brazilian variety. Besides being able to blend easily to most skin types, Brazilian virgin hair boasts the thickness, durability and softness that makes it in demand.

Authentic Brazilian body wave comprise some human virgin hair, therefore, it can endure the usual regimen as your own hair would. Basically, you can treat the hair as your own, although there are special cautions to consider:


Your choices are pretty liberal like hair straightening or curling with an iron, crimping, and braiding. Since Brazilian body wave, as with all hair bundles, lack nutrients natural to hair growing from your own head, it can be prone to heat damage or dryness. However, these can be avoided easily through heat-protective products.


Brazilian body wave products can withstand the chemicals of coloring with caution. Coloring professionals should be consulted to perform the coloring to make sure you don’t end up damaging your hair.


As with most hair bundles, Brazilian body wave products may be prone to some shedding. The best way to minimize this, other than careful handling and storage, is sealing the wefts with the use of reliable hair sealers.


Co-washing (simply conditioner washing) with a moisturizing conditioner and warm (NOT hot) water once a week is an effective way of keeping the quality of your Brazilian body wave. Shampooing may strip the cuticles of the hair which will make it prone to damage.


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