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Situation-specific Hair Extension Care Tips

Taking care of your hair extensions can help to make them last longer and stay looking nicer throughout the course of their usable life. Taking care of hair extensions can be likened to taking care of normal hair, except with a greater emphasis on being gentle. However, instances may arise when special care needs to be taken to ensure their continued durability and beauty.


Winter sometimes greets ladies with hair extensions with the problem of static. To deal with this issue, dampen your hands with a little water and rub them together till they are warm. Then, run your palms just over your hair without actually touching it. This should discharge stored static electricity and help you keep your hair under control.


Swimming with hair extensions on is never recommended. If you are so inclined, the following precautions are recommended:

  • Never wear a swim cap, as this can cause the hair to mat.

  • Comb out tangles before swimming, and then braid it into one braid behind the neck.

  • Try to keep your head above water and do not swim under water—diving is strictly out of the question.

  • Keep your head out of the shower after swimming.

  • Immediately after the shower, unbraid the hair, comb it out, and let it air-dry.


Similarly, when sunbathing, braid the hair into one braid behind the neck and do not unbraid it until the hair has cooled down after sunbathing. Follow the unbraiding with a gentle combing session.


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