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Prolonging the Life of your Brazilian Straight Hair

Your crowning glory makes the clearest statement of who you are. Women, for centuries, have placed the utmost importance on keeping their hair in its top form. As they say, look your best, feel your best. Aside from an array of products made readily available over the counter to keep one’s locks fresh and picture-ready, there has also been a significant boom on beauty services where women of varied ethnicity and age turn to them for a boost of self-esteem.

Brazilian straight hair extensions have grown incredulously popular in recent years due to the product’s natural thickness and shine. If you are among those who have luscious Brazilian hair sewn in, you are probably aware of the term shedding.

Shedding occurs for several reasons like when the weft is cut for installation and styling, or when the hair sewn is damaged due to vigorous brushing. If you are looking into getting your wefts sewn in, make sure that the tracks are installed properly. Do not sew through the wefts to stop the thread from loosening as this causes the shedding. Using sealants or a fray block before installing can also help in preserving the life of the wefts.

As you would care for your natural hair, your extensions should also be moisturized regularly to keep from breaking. You may use a conditioner or a silicone based serum to keep your hair from drying up.


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